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Environmental Law: an European concern?

Environmental Law

The European Union is one of the main representative players that committed to the preservation and protection of the environment. For this reason, we are used to reading and listening to green deal, global warming, food security, renewable energy, circular economy, green energy, green solutions and so on. European environmental law has a long history, however, the initial European Economic …

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Geopolitical EU, Ukraine and EU Defence

Ukraine and EU Defence

Since when the Ukraine war occurred there has been a feeling, within the EU, to be provided for an EU single defence. Here following, by reporting Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s and EU President Roberta Metsola’s speeches I will highlight the main issues we are dealing with and for which a coordinated and targeted EU action is needed as it is …

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EU: The state of Union

The State of Union

2022 has definitely been a challenging year. All of us throughout the European Union experienced difficulties, discouragement and even impotence. An unexpected emergency came out and new measures have been put in place with the aim of keeping a balance both in our society and in the economic sphere. The EU is on the first line with its commitment and …

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RepowerEU, the plan to end the dependency on Russian fossil fuel supply


REPowerEU is the European Commission’s program to end the dependency on Russian fossil fuel supply for the EU territory. This plan has been specifically designed to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify energy supplies. Building on the Fit for 55 package, a set of proposals to revise and update EU legislation with the aim of ensuring that EU policies …

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“All you can plastic”, the EU’s strategy

All you can plastic

Plastic is one of the most important material in our society. Many of our personal items and products in our houses are made by plastic. Components of smartphones and laptops, pens, bags and fashion bags, materials used in hospitals and so on. Plastic made easier our lives with its flexibility and non-cumbersome features, however, only 9% is recycled and the …

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EU Green Deal – No one left behind!

EU Green Deal

Today’s life in the European Union as well as in the rest of the globe is facing serious threats. Climate change is undoubtedly one of those issues of our contemporary which tests the ability of adapting and adjusting the standards of our society. This concern needs to be read in the context of taking factual actions with reliable judicial and …

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European Health Insurance Card: what is it and how does it work?

European Health Insurance Card

One of the main benefits of being an European Citizen is the possibility to receive assistance and medical care while staying, temporarily, in another Member State. Indeed, the uniqueness of our EU system allows the issuing of Health Insurance Cards valid throughout the 27 European countries. The EU Health Insurance Card is a free card that gives you access to …

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NextGenerationEU… and you?


Hello everybody. After a month long break, we are here again with the “Europe 3.0” magazine. Today’s topic is about a multi-comprehensive package (more than a recovery plan) drawn up to give new incentives to repair the economic and social damage caused by Covid-19. The new post-pandemic scenario foresees a new Union: more resilient, more digital and greener. The shape …

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European Green Deal: Europe’s project to deal with climate changes

European Green Deal

The term “Green New Deal” was first used by Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman in January 2007 and this ambitious project set the blueprint for a transformational almost radical change. All 27 EU Member States are now committed to turning the EU into the first climate neutral continent by 2050. To get there, they pledged to reduce emissions by at least …

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NovaVax, the new vaccine that looks ahead!

Novavax new vaccine

Today, we are going to discuss a new contract for a potential COVID-19 vaccine with Novavax, a biotechnology company promoting improved health globally through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative vaccines in order to prevent serious infectious diseases. The firm has extended experience contending with some of the world’s most devastating diseases, including COVID-19, seasonal influenza, Ebola, RSV, SARS …

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