RepowerEU, the plan to end the dependency on Russian fossil fuel supply

REPowerEU is the European Commission’s program to end the dependency on Russian fossil fuel supply for the EU territory.

This plan has been specifically designed to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify energy supplies.

Building on the Fit for 55 package, a set of proposals to revise and update EU legislation with the aim of ensuring that EU policies are in line with the climate goals, designed to quickly substitute fossil fuels by accelerating Europe’s clean energy transition.

REPowerEU is a plan for

saving energy: How? Small behavioural changes can make a great difference. Contingency measures for supply interruptions will also be needed.
producing clean energy: How? Renewables are the cheapest and cleanest energy currently available. REPowerEU will speed up the green transition and spur investment in renewable fields.
• diversifying our energy supplies: How? alternative supplies of gas, oil, and coal and for this, the EU is working with international partners to find alternative energy supplies.

What are the short term-measures of this path?


● Common purchases of gas
● New energy partnerships with reliable suppliers
● Rapid rollout of solar and wind energy projects
● Increase the production of biomethane
● Boosting industrial decarbonisation
● New legislation and recommendations for renewables
● Investments in an integrated and adapted gas and electricity infrastructure network
● Approval of first EU-wide hydrogen plans by the summer
● Fill gas storage to 80% of capacity by 1 November 2022
● EU-coordinated actions in case of gas supply disruption

What makes the difference?

Each energy user needs to be well-informed of the best savings options and the most effective steps. The Commission will support citizens with targeted information.

How will the REPowerEU plan support energy savings?

Through this strategic plan, the Commission presents an EU Save Energy Communication, to promote immediate energy savings by citizens and businesses through behavioural choices aimed at strengthening mid- to long-term energy efficiency measures.

Member States should make full use of supporting measures such as reduced VAT rates for high-efficiency heating systems and for insulation in buildings, as well as other energy pricing measures which encourage switching to heat pumps and the purchase of more efficient appliances.

The implementation of the Fit for 55 package would lower total European gas consumption by 30% (equivalent to 100 bcm) by 2030. More than one third of this would come from meeting the EU energy efficiency target put forward in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) recast proposal.

Moreover, the EU Commission proposes additional funds for Member States to include further reforms and investments to boost energy efficiency in buildings and industry in their Recovery & Resilience plans.

How will RePowerEU help to save energy from transport and make the sector more energy efficient?

The relevant proposals under the Fit for 55 package (RefuelEU Aviation, FuelEU Maritime or the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation) will help for the adoption of renewable and low-carbon transport fuels including hydrogen.

An agreement on the proposed Single European Sky Regulation could generate immediate savings from addressing inefficiencies in air traffic management.

The planned revision of the recovery and resilience plans shall add additional financing for transport measures like the electrification of transport infrastructure, including railways, and the deployment of alternative refueling and recharging infrastructures, the support to purchase zero-emission public transport vehicles, which have a significant and direct effect in terms of reduction of demand for fossil fuels, as well as measures for the digitalisation of transport that are in part dedicated to greenhouse gas emission reductions.






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