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NextGenerationEU… and you?

Hello everybody. After a month long break, we are here again with the “Europe 3.0” magazine.

Today’s topic is about a multi-comprehensive package (more than a recovery plan) drawn up to give new incentives to repair the economic and social damage caused by Covid-19.

The new post-pandemic scenario foresees a new Union: more resilient, more digital and greener.

Ursula Von der Leyen
Ursula Von der Leyen

The shape of the European Recovery Fund, with with €723.8 billion at our disposal, is to mitigate the double impacts, either economic or social, of the pandemic and make the Member States economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges of the green and digital transitions.

GREEN Europe: Becoming the first climate-neutral by 2050, therefore, no more greenhouse gases than our ecosystems can naturally absorb. Europe is investing in environmentally-friendly technologies, greener vehicles and public transport, and buildings and public spaces more energy efficient.

DIGITAL Europe: being driven by technology. Possibility to connect everywhere with 5G and EU-wide ultra-fast broadband and issuing of digital identity (eID), making it easier the access to online public services. Online shopping will be more secure and artificial intelligence will help us to fight climate change.

HEALTHY Europe: Investing more and more in research and innovation in order to develop vaccines and treatments, not just for new diseases like coronavirus, but also for cancer, modernise the health systems so that hospitals in every EU country have better access to new technology and to medical supplies

STRONG Europe: encouraging young people to study science and technology, by supporting further education and apprenticeships and offering loans and grants to young entrepreneurs. The EU is also boosting support for tourism, culture and the arts across the Union.

EQUAL Europe: The aim is to build a Europe that works for everyone. Europeans with equal opportunities, and we want to celebrating diversity in all its forms. Therefore, fighting against racism and xenophobia, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment,protecting the rights of the LGBTQI+ community and combating discrimination and strengthening EU law to cover all forms of hate speech and hate crime.

Equality also means economic and social opportunities for all.


With NextGenerationEU, the Union is boosting for employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as for those living in rural, remote or disadvantaged areas. Furthermore, investing in inclusive education for children, whatever their background, situation or special needs.

Some Recovery stories….

The EU started acting as soon as the pandemic struck. From Italian farmers to Croatian teachers to German small business owners, they have been able to weather the storm.

Eloisa from Spain, for example, now trains entrepreneurs on sustainability and communication. She is now creating a new project to help companies build brands that will hopefully help to alleviate the effects of this crisis in the future.

Thanks to the support she received from an EU-funded training course, she was able to start her own business right in the midst of the pandemic.

Tereza, a hairdressing graduate in northern Czechia, thanks to the EU’s Youth Guarantee scheme, got a job related to her passion.



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Spazi pubblicitari Liguria.Today

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