Europe 3.0

Liguria.Today guarda fuori i propri confini: arriva la rubrica “Europe 3.0”

Il Magazine di Liguria.Today si lancia in un nuovo progetto spalancando una finestra sul mondo al di là dei confini regionali.

Una finestra che guarda lontano, fino alle porte dell’Europa, per cercare di conoscere e capire meglio il contesto geo-politico in cui il nostro Bel Paese è inserito.

Questa rubrica si chiamerà “Europe 3.0” e ogni mese proverà a spiegare, attraverso articoli, interviste e approfondimenti, il funzionamento – spesso molto confuso – dell’Unione Europea e delle sue istituzioni.

Europe 3.0” è una rubrica ambiziosa e dal carattere transnazionale, pertanto sarà scritta in lingua inglese, la lingua ufficiale dell’Unione Europea.


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Everybody speaks about the European Union and for the European Union. Very few people really catch the meaning of this supranational body, for this reason it is complicated to communicate messages and concepts related to this topic.

Europe is a wonderful place where living and enjoying life, also thanks to the European Union (EU). The purpose of this column is on one side to provide information on what is going on in the EU, and on the other side to explain in the simplest possible manner the EU structure in Brussels, its functioning, and some rules.

We are going to answer the essential questions, then we are going to elaborate on specific subjects in order to widen the knowledge and the comprehension of this political and economical union currently made by 27 countries.

Why does the European union need to be explained?

What does it mean to be a “Member State?”
How is the European Union composed?
What is the “Schengen area” and why are some non-EU countries part of it?
What are the main European institutions? What do they do?
Why is the concept of the EU difficult to understand?
Why is it important to be part of this? Why? Do people get any benefits?
What are Human Rights? Why are these rights so important at EU level and how are they protected?
What does European integration mean? Why do people, institutions and governmental bodies talk about it?

This and much more will be covered in this column.

We are a social and economic Union with many differences that I will be delighted to speak to you.

Europe 3.0 is a look outside of Liguria and outside of Italy with the goal of giving the big picture out of our national borders.

Each month I will try to keep your interest up with articles, interviews and special subjects.

Furthermore, I will address some national topics in order to make comparisons among types of system, different ways of tackling and solving national issues in accordance with European laws.


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